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Wheel chair no 224 was handed over to 5 year old Makyombe Malik who was born with disability known as celebral palsy. His mother is struggling to bring the child by doing petty business of selling fruits on the streets and make their ends meet. They sleep on the floor as the photos show,no matress to sleep on,and leave in the rented house where by paying rent on time is the biggest challenge this single mother face. With sincere prayers and thanks to Beta Charitable Trust to provide a wheel chair for the son the mother is requesting following assistance:

  • One matress 5ft x 5ft costing about tshs 180,000.00
  • Rent for one year tshs 30,000/= per month X 12 months =360,000/=
  • Capital to do petty business tshs 300,000/=
  • TOTAL TSHS NEEDED is 840,000/= i e USD $ 400 OR UKP 280

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