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The Desk and Chair Foundation's undertakes small projects in which the costs are kept to a minimum but the benefit to Tanzanians and their local communities are massive.

If you would like to help, please donate via Please do not forget to mention the project you would like to fund and if you are a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid box. You will be issued with a receipt of your donation straight away by Or alternatively, please send your donation directly to our head office. Cheques payable to "The Desk & Chair Foundation." We will acknowledge your donation and send you a receipt as soon as possible, and update you on how the money will be spent.

The Desk & Chair Foundation
95 Valley Road

If you are a UK taxpayer, please download the Gift Aid form and send it with your cheque to our head office. Gift Aid allows us to reclaim from the government the basic-rate tax on all your cash donations. For every £1 donated, we can claim 28 pence from Inland Revenue. >> Click here to download the Gift Aid form.

One of the best and most satisfying ways to raise funds is to do a 'challenge' and raise money via sponsorship. For example, we have climbed Ben Nevis, rode part of the Tour de France cycle route and ran several 10 kilometre runs all of which has raised vital funds for the charity. >> Click here for more information on our sponsorship events.

TDCF with collaboration with can organise these challenges. We currently have spaces available in the London Marathon, the Great North Run, the BUPA 10k Edinburgh Run and the Manchester Runs. If you interested, please get in touch by visiting the 'contact us' page. You can also organise your own challenges.

If you would like any further information or have your own ideas about fundraising, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TDCF Projects

Burial Assistance: Due to a lack of money many families are not able to bury their loved one with the dignity they deserve. The TDCF burial kits comprise of a Kafan (shroud), gloves, camphor, soap, needle and thread. The cost of one kit is just £5, about a 1/3 of the average monthly wage for a mwananchi wa Tanzania (citizen of Tanzania).

Disabled Wheelchairs: A wheelchair for a disabled person costs £90. Providing wheelchairs gives people their independence and the chance of earning money in street businesses.
Tricycle: A tricycle which is made locally costs approximately £110.

Educational Projects: Via sponsorship TDCF strives to improve the educational prospects of many students in Tanzania. Initiatives include:
  1. Bilal Sewing Classes cost £20 per student for a 6 months course
  2. Bilal Computer Class costs £20 per student for a 6 months course
  3. Mirongo Technical College Day School for Disabled Students costs between £50 and £100 per student per year depending on the course chosen
  4. Sengerema Technical School which is a boarding school costs between £150 and £200 per student per year depending on the course chosen
  5. Provide plastic desks & chairs for nursery classes (£3 per set)
  6. Provide new desks & chairs for primary & secondary schools (3 seater approximately £40, 1 seater approximately £20)
  7. Repair of old desks & chairs for primary & secondary schools (approximately £3 per set)

Re-conditioned Computers: TDCF re-vamp second-hand computers for use in Tanzania. The total cost of shipping a re-conditioned computer is £48 ( TDCF are trying to raise about £5000 in order to send 100 computers in one shipment.

Clean Water Projects: The access to clean water can be difficult for many small communities in Tanzania. TDCF helps by funding the construction of shallow wells and public water taps in places identified to be most in need around the country.
  1. A shallow well costs approximately £1250 to construct.
  2. Repair of an old well can cost between £200-£400.
  3. A public water tap costs between £100 and £150 pounds to build and construct.
  4. A rain harvesting scheme can cost approximately £200-£250.

Medical Treatments: TDCF has raised money for the medical treatment of patients and are continuously trying to raise funds to help sick Tanzanians.

Other Projects: At TDCF we would like to hear your ideas for projects which will help those in need in Tanzania. We can make dreams come true like giving the 4 year old opposite an operation to correct congenital heart disease. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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